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ATL Solutions

Our Services

We Provide Best services to our clients.

1. Import

Food , Pharmaceuticals ,Nutrition ,Dairy products , Bakery products

2. Clearance

Customs, FSSAI , AQ, PQ, ADC

3. Duty Payment

We placed the goods at a named placed and cleared for import.

4. Warehouse

We stores goods that will be sold or distributed later.

5. Transportation

To all Destinations like Ahmedabad, Cochin , Bangalore , Mumbai etc.

Duty Drawback

The duty drawback scheme has been notified for a large number of export products by the Government after an assessment of the average incidence of Customs, GST and Transaction Cost suffered by the export products.

Duty Drawback Scheme aims to provide the refund/ recoupment of custom and duties paid on inputs or raw materials and GST paid on the input services used in the manufacture of export goods.

We at Abhishek Trade Links ensure you get the total benefit of these schemes and design a business model around it.

We understand

Our customers

We even ourselves import and get it delivered to our customers doorstep.

We understand that our customers’ core competencies are not in getting the import consignments cleared and we assist them in the same and thereby enhance their core competencies.

About Us Image
About Us Image
ATL Solutions

Deliver integrated

ATL has exceptional end to end supply chain solutions.

It can seamlessly deliver integrated production, logistics, inventory, demand and procurement planning solutions, which benefit our clients in:

  • Increased contribution
  • Inventory terms
  • Vehicle utilization & turn-around
  • Meet order service target
  • Minimize Prourement and inventory carry cost
  • Minimize transportation and supply network cost.


Quality Products

We Know your needs & we are here to provide you Quality Products



Food Safety is of top most priority for us.


Trust and Commitment:

Our business is built on trust and sustained commitments to our clients


On time Delivery

We ensure On time Delivery without any delays.